Kindness is CATching!
                                                                                                                                                                                              by Mary Goehring 

Please always remember why you adopted me. I'm still cute and warm and cuddly; and, even though I'm not a tiny kitten any more, just think..there is more of me to cuddle with...and...I can purr louder now too!

   Feed me when I'm hungry...that Twiggy look does nothing for me -- purrrrsonally, I prefer the 'Garfield' physique! Hummmmm, what have you got hidden in the CATacombs of those cabinets????? 

When I need medical care, POUNCE into action for me...I know it costs too much sometimes but I'm counting on you to take care of me, and I know you'll find a way, 'cause your a TIGER when something important needs doing!...and, could you kindly bring me to the vet's office in a cat carrier? That way, I won't be able to jump out of your arms in the parking lot.

 Please remember to spay/neuter me, as I really don't want to be a mommy/daddy (there are inexpensive programs that can help you with this. Can you take just a little time from your busy schedule to find out where? Please don't let this small charge affect the welfare of my life. For the cost of dinner out for two or a couple of cases of beer, the task could be completed! Also, I would be a much nicer companion (and smell better too!), if I didn't have all of these awful hormones affecting how I act! 

                                       I would really love to live with you in your warm home; but, if I sometimes have to be outside, please remember to give me shelter when it is cold or wet. I know that you might think that I want to go outside to romp with the butterflies and smell the daisies but, because I'm purrrrrrty smart, there are a few things out there that I know I'd rather not being hit by a car,        being stolen, getting lost, fighting with other cats/dogs/skunks/raccoons, infections from puncture wounds, fleas/worms/ticks, possible neighbor complaints, getting my collar caught on something, mistreating and abusing pranksters, rain/wind/cold temperatures, animal traps and purposefully-placed poisoned food...none of those sound like much fun to me, do they to you?.
  Please do not declaw me...  it's not as simple or great as it sounds...    they will actually amputate the first portion of all of my toes and then I will experience pain, continual regrowth of bone, helplessness and possible infection. Even if you love me more than anything and keep me in our nice, warm home, one of those warm, spring days I might just get a little crazy and sneak out. This would be a BAD thing...I can't defend myself...I can't scratch to ward off attackers...I can't climb a tree or fence to make a get-away. If you just try to understand that scratching is something I have to do to shed my claws, we can work on this problem together and I will try REAL hard not to ruin your furniture. Buy me a scratching post so that I have my own stuff to scratch, instead of yours! Trim my claws every couple of weeks so they won't be sharp. (I bet that nice vet we have would be glad to teach you how!)

   When you wake up from your CAT-nap, take the time to play with me...I like to have fun just like you, it will keep me healthy and active 'till I'm old and gray! 

    Don't abandon me because you feel I no longer fit into your plans...this would be a CATastrophe...please don't drop me off on some deserted road and leave me to fend for myself...I don't know how!!!! ...and please don't pass me off to a cold, scary shelter where no one loves me and I will be scheduled to die... would you want to be killed just because someone lost interest in you? In a disposable society, I'm one of the things that's NOT disposable...I have real feelings and needs and I really do love you!!!...that's right...even with my funny kitty ways, I'm a keeper!

 If I am causing problems and maybe not behaving in exactly the right way you need me to, maybe we could talk about it with someone who might have some helpful suggestions. I'm not bad on purpose...most times there is something wrong and this is the only way that I can tell you; you know what it feels like to be backed into a KITTY-corner! There are lots of nice, knowledgeable "cat people" on the internet or at the vet's office or friendly helpers at the local shelters who, I just know, are waiting to help us get our act together!

 Teach your children the right way to love and care for me, not only by telling them, but by showing them by your and your kids will respect you for this and tell everybody how smart you are! Kindness is CATching!

 ...AND, PLEASE, ALWAYS LOVE ME...If you do, I will give you unconditional love back and make you very happy in every way I know how...because I love you and, given the chance, would do anything for you! I'll always be your friend, especially on days when you feel you have none. Take a long, deep look into my eyes and you will know this is true!


 "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated"....Gandhi 

Remember, Kindness is CATching! 
Please pass this along to some of your friends
 'cause...well...ya know... 
some of my friends can't write!

by Mary Goehring
Transcription Plus, LLC

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