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A True Seacoast Cat! Abby's Story

Abby is a beloved household pet angel of our club member, Robin Poirier. Neither Robin, nor the Seacoast Cat Club endorse letting cats outdoors. As you will understand when you read her story, that this was a special case for a cat who loved to travel and whose owner felt the situation was safe. Robin is an adoption counselor at her local humane society and educates all new cat owners to keep their cats safely indoors.

Abby by Robin Poirier

Ironically, this is the only time we ever had Abby on the beach. She had a stroke at 7 years, so she went on several trips with us after that to save on stressful boarding scenarios, and so we could keep her meds on track. Since her legs were semi paralyzed she couldn't get far from us. This specific day was in York, Maine, where I spent a lot of time growing up at my grandparents' summer place. Abby drew a crowd that day...people were puzzled to see a cat vs. a dog on this beach. She made the 'York Weekly' newspaper. In one photo you can see the Nubble Lighthouse in the background. She inspired me to write a kids book on her love of travel with the theme of her handicap/illness, to encourage kids to treat animals humanely and with respect. The book is finished and I hope to make it available soon!

Abby passed away a few months after these photos were taken.

Abby would have really enjoyed being shown as a household pet in CFA but unfortunately, she had her stroke soon after I discovered the world of cat shows.


Photo credit: Garren Poirier

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